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We are committed to helping dogs in any way we can and part of that mission is giving a better chance to high risk shelter dogs. In 2019, we partnered with One Love Pit Bull Foundation to pull dogs from Maricopa County Animal Care and Control so that they can come hang with us either for training or just to decompress and get a break from the shelter. We've also worked with Independence Day Animal Rescue to help a handful of pups in need. 

We are committed to always having one of our Board & Train spots reserved for a shelter dog to be our Foster & Train pup. Our Foster & Train pups will go home with three lessons with us as well as access to our DEV Online Foundation and Basics courses, so that we can teach their new family what they have learned while with us. 

The other dogs listed are just with us for boarding, so they will not get the freebie lessons, but we will relay as much info as we can about their personalities in a home environment. Shelter life is hard on dogs and they can show entirely different behaviors there compared to at home. It is insanely rewarding to give these pups a safe place to land while they are in transition and see their personalities flourish. 

When it comes to knowing what the best home will look like for our dogs, the answer always comes down to whether or not the family is open and ready to implement a solid structure in their home for these dogs. We always have an ideal home in mind but when it comes down to it, we’re looking for responsible families who are willing to learn and do what is best for the dog even if it does not match the picture they have in mind right away. Dog’s need time to adjust, so we always recommend sticking as closely to our program as possible at first and loosening up as your relationship with your new dog grows. We go into much more detail with this when we actually meet you and give you our exact recommendations of what each dog will need to be successful. 

Without further ado, let me introduce you to our current available dogs! 


Bear is our current foster & train! He is originally from Palestine where he was found on the street as a puppy. He lived with his foster mom while growing up but never found his home there. She had an opportunity here in Arizona and felt compelled to bring him along to keep him from going to a shelter. As Bear grew up, he developed some not so great habits which brought her to us. We did board & train with him for a month earlier this year to help make him the best he can be and help him get adopted. He has been adopted twice but neither one stuck, so we think the third time's the charm!

In the past 4 months since he has been with us, Bear has thrived in this environment when provided with structure and direction. We've enjoyed being a part of his journey and know what will be the key elements in a successful adoption. Therefore, to overcome his little quirks and to be a forever family member he will need a strong leader, the entire family's support throughout his training, and to follow our successful training techniques to a T. We have learned that with this program in place, Bear will be the dog that will go on hikes, car rides and walks, but it will take some time and patience.
He would do best with a family with older, high school aged kids or no kids living at home. He’s fine with cats but wants to play with them so if you have cats who are not fans of dogs, that may not be the best fit. He does well with most dogs; however, it would be ideal for him to be an only dog so his person can focus solely on him. In a new environment, it will be important that all persons in the household are on board with his training so he may properly bond with everyone.
We are offering 5 lessons with his adoption as well as lifetime support so you will have us in your back pocket to help whenever you need. Bear has lived with us for about 4 months total, so we know him very well and what works best for him. We want to make sure whoever takes him home has all of the tools they need to make sure Bear is successful.
With all that said. When given the structure and guidance he craves, Bear is a great dog. He is going to be a challenge for anyone who invites him into their home and heart. He will teach you a lot about canine behavior, timing, building solid relationships and more. If you’re looking for a dog that will seamlessly and immediately integrate into your home, he's not the one. But if you are willing to put in the work and build an unbreakable bond, we have your dog. He is the type who will be loyal until the end, but you have to work for it. Nothing good in life comes easy right?
Feel free to reach out to us if you’re interested, and/or submit an application via Independence Day Animal Rescue's website. 
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