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We're currently on hiatus from our foster & train program as we have basically adopted Bear and are helping out with placing Aldo. We will still consider placing Bear in a new home if we meet the right family, but for now he's stuck with us. Aldo is actively on the hunt for his perfect people! :) 

Read on for more info on Mr. Bear and Aldo and if you're interested, let us know! 


Bear is originally from Palestine where he was found on the street as a puppy. He lived with his foster mom while growing up but never found his home there. She had an opportunity here in Arizona and felt compelled to bring him along to keep him from going to a shelter. As Bear grew up, he developed some not so great habits which brought her to us. We did board & train with him for a month  to help make him the best he can be and help him get adopted. He has been adopted three times but none have stuck, so we're once again on the hunt for that perfect person.

In the time he has been with us, Bear has thrived in this environment when provided with structure and direction. We've enjoyed being a part of his journey and know what will be the key elements in a successful adoption. Therefore, to overcome his little quirks and to be a forever family member he will need a strong leader, the entire family's support throughout his training, and to follow our successful training techniques to a T. We have learned that with this program in place, Bear will be the dog that will go on hikes, car rides and walks, but it will take some time and patience.
He would do best with a family with older, high school aged kids or no kids living at home. He’s fine with cats but wants to play with them so if you have cats who are not fans of dogs, that may not be the best fit. He does well with most dogs; however, it would be ideal for him to be an only dog so his person can focus solely on him. In a new environment, it will be important that all persons in the household are on board with his training so he may properly bond with everyone.
We are offering 5 lessons with his adoption as well as lifetime support so you will have us in your back pocket to help whenever you need. Bear has lived with us for quite some time, so we know him very well and what works best for him. We want to make sure whoever takes him home has all of the tools they need to make sure Bear is successful.
With all that said. When given the structure and guidance he craves, Bear is a great dog. He is going to be a challenge for anyone who invites him into their home and heart. He will teach you a lot about canine behavior, timing, building solid relationships and more. If you’re looking for a dog that will seamlessly and immediately integrate into your home, he's not the one. But if you are willing to put in the work and build an unbreakable bond, we have your dog. He is the type who will be loyal until the end, but you have to work for it. Nothing good in life comes easy right?
If you're interested in making Bear a part of your family, email us today at [email protected]


Glenda is a beautiful little lovebug who just wants to be your buddy. If you want to go for an adventure, she’s down. If you’d rather chill and binge your favorite show, she’s right there with ya. She will steal your heart with her deep soulful eyes, and you’ll find yourself helpless to resist her spunk and her charm. She cracked us up every day she was with us. The unyielding love that she doles out is even more impressive knowing that her last “owner” treated her terribly. It can take her some time to fully trust, but given her background that is understandable. Once she is your friend, it doesn’t take long, your life will never be the same. She will make an amazing companion for the right person who will respect her where she is, love her unconditionally, and help guide her through this crazy human world of ours. No doubt about that. 

Our girl G came to stay with us for board & train in the Spring and boarded on and off for a couple months. She is now in a foster home and available for adoption through Love Connection Dog Rescue. 

If you're interested in learning more about our pocket pittie friend, click the button below! 

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We are heartbroken to share that our DEV Client fam suffered a loss this summer. Our buddy Aldo’s owner had been admitted to the hospital in August during Aldo’s board & train stay. After weeks of putting in the good fight, we are heartbroken to report that his dad passed away. We are so deeply sorry for his family for their loss. Aldo’s family have made the incredibly difficult decision to put Aldo’s needs first by finding a new home for him as they process and grieve their loss. Aldo will be staying with us for the time being as we help him find a perfect new home.

Aldo is a very special pup. He is exceedingly loyal, goofy, and just wants to be with his people. He loves to play whether it’s a rousing game of fetch or tug, he is in! He very much enjoys his training time and nice long walks, as well as just hangin out at home.
He is about 3 years old and is a higher energy dude as he is a working breed, so he will need someone who is willing to work with him and put in the time. We feel he could be well suited for protection work, which would in turn continue to help Aldo gain confidence and give him a great outlet for his natural drives. He gravitates towards confident individuals, so if we could find someone who has experience with drivey Shepherds that would be ideal.
Whoever adopts our handsome friend will receive 10 lessons that will help ease his transition to his new home and help his new people advance all of the awesome skills Aldo has learned already. They will also receive access to our online courses and lifetime support from us.
If you're interested in meeting Aldo, please email us at: [email protected] 

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