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Testing out this whole blog business

Oh hello! 

If you're reached this page, you're in uncharted territory for me. I've been doing the content creation thing for a while via our social media pages, but never really thought about starting a blog until recently. But, I figured, what the heck? Let's give it a go.

For those of you new to our page here, I'm Kate. I own this dog training biz with my husband, Corey. We started Dog's Eye View in 2018 and since had managed to build it up to a steady level despite the world falling to bits around us. Last year, we decided to move to Michigan to be closer to my family and in a way, we're starting over. Kinda, sorta, not really though. We have a much better program than when we started. We've learned so much and have evolved big time over the years, so that certainly is helpful. 

I'm hoping to post a blog or two a month on top of weekly YouTube videos, and regularly posting on Instagram, so we'll see how that works out for me! 

Anyhoo, if you're still reading this,...

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