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Before we dive into your dog training adventure, let me introduce myself!    

My name is Kate Welch and I will be your cruise director on this interweb adventure. I am co-owner of DEV as well as puppy training extraordinaire, Marketing Director, Photographer/Videographer, Master Belly Rubber, Editor, and Client Care Specialist.

Of course, I couldn't be all of these things without my husband, Co-Owner, Head Trainer, Canine Communication Guru, Expert Kennel Scrubber, and Course Writer, Corey Welch. 

We are just a couple of dog obsessed humans with a dream to help dogs and their people. Our mission is to educate dog people across the globe to strengthen their bonds with their dogs, develop a foundation of clear communication, and create balanced, peaceful homes. 

We know that some of you may be struggling with your dogs and we want you to know that (a) you're not alone! And (b) you can improve your relationship with your dog. It may take time and effort, but it will so be worth it! Whether your dog is new to this world or has been around the block a few times, it is possible to make a change and we want to help.

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Kate Welch, dog trainer, with Riley
Dog trainers Kate and Corey Welch in Rochester Hills, Michigan

Our Dog Training Programs

Whether you want to be 100% hands on with your pup or you need a little extra help to get started, we have you covered!

DEV Online

Our online courses provide the most hands on training experience in the comfort of your home.  Start with our free Foundation Mini-Course or dive right into the Basics Course bundle! 

Click here for DEV Online

In Home Private Lessons

Private lessons will give you one on one instruction at your and your dog's pace.
We always start with the basics and systematically work towards your goals with your pup whatever they may be.

Click here for Private Lesson Info

Board & Train

Board & Train is a jumpstart for your pup's education. They stay in our home for the beginning of the process and then we complete the program with private lessons to teach you what your pup learned.

Click here for more on B&T

Day Train

This hybrid program combines the in depth learning from our online courses, hands on experience from private lessons, and opportunity for your pup to be taught by the pros. It's the best of all three worlds! 

Click here to learn more about Day Train!

You can also learn more about us and our training style on our YouTube Channel!

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Check out what folks just like you are saying! 

April & Vinni

Corey’s confidence in his ability to help with my situation set my mind at ease from the first call. After my appointment for an evaluation I was totally sold. Corey was able to identify key contributing factors to the negative behaviors I had been experiencing and provided a plan for training. The instruction was easy to follow and implement into daily routine to yield results. Training helped me to effectively communicate and set expectations in a way that my dog can easily understand and follow.

I can’t thank Corey enough for giving me the skills to better my relationship with Vinni. We are both so much happier because of our time with Dog’s Eye View.

Geno & Mac

Corey is absolutely amazing. As a first time dog owner, I had no idea what I was getting into bringing a puppy home from the shelter. Training my puppy didn't exactly come naturally to me, and no amount of YouTube videos or online articles could answer some of the questions I had specific to my dog. It just wasn't the same as having access to someone who's dedicated themselves to the art training. During training we'd often joked that Corey was part dog, as his body language, tone, and energy seemed to be picked up by my pup instantly. I couldn't tell you how many times I'd say "Wow, how did you do that?" while he interacted with my dog. Corey is someone who's able to immediately recognize certain behaviors in dogs, and able to articulate how dogs think and act, why they do things, and what we should know to understand them - and he articulates it well! He not only helped me train my dog, he trained ME in how to train my dog. Plus he came to my house, so no traveling for me! I feel comfortable issuing commands to my dog, knowing full well any command I give will be followed, and any new commands we practice will be picked up with just a few instances of training.

I am so thankful for Corey's help, and still to this day can count on him for any questions. I'd recommend him to anyone and everyone looking for a trainer.

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