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What is the Foundation Mini-Course? 

This 2 hour long course will show you how to set up your daily routines to change how your dog sees you.

Whether your dog sees you as a doormat, nagging parent, or human treat dispenser, this course will explain why our daily rituals with our dogs matter and how to tweak them so our dogs see us in a whole new light. 

This is the starting point for all of our training dogs and clients. You can't build a house that will last without a solid foundation!

In this course we teach you:

  • How dogs learn and communicate
  • How you can shift your communication style to be more clear to your dog
  • An in depth discussion on why structure is vital so your dog can trust you to lead in any situation 
  • Step by step instruction on how to tweak your structure at home 
  • How to make your home a stress free zone, whether you are there with your dog or not
  • How to build a strong foundation so your future training practices are more effective

And more!

Best of all, as our gift to you, the Foundation Mini-Course is free! 

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What about the Basics Course? 

The Basics Course is a five week program to take your pup from distracted and disconnected to engaged and attentive. Whether you want your dog to stop pulling on leash, keep all four paws on the floor when greeting your friends, or to listen to you reliably even when distractions are around, this course will get you there. It is a total relationship overhaul! The stronger your bond with your pup, the easier and more fun life becomes! 

Each week we show you simple basic obedience exercises so you can teach your dog "the Communication". 

The Communication is a set of four sounds (or markers in dog trainer speak) that we can use to guide our dogs in any situation that life throws at us.

The sounds are:

  • "Yes": You made the right choice
  • "Good": I like what you're doin, keep on doin it! 
  • "Ah-ah": The warning
  • "No": You've made the wrong choice

Once you and your dog have a good understanding of the Communication, then we show you how to use it to teach your dog basic life skills, like how to walk on a leash, how to properly greet guests, and more! 

The Basics Course comes bundled with the Foundation Mini-Course and access to our DEV Online Client Community! All that for only $250!

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