One-on-One Dog Training Options

This isn't your typical dog training adventure. 

We offer so much more. When you become a part of the DEV pack, you're not just getting us for an hour a week, you've got us for life. Our clients get all the benefits, like: 

  • A program tailored to you and your dog(s). We have a general flow to our program, of course, but every dog and every family is a little different. We tweak the process to make it work for you and your lifestyle. 
  • First, we establish a strong relationship and communication set that you can use to guide your dog. Then we dive deeper into problem areas like teaching the loose leash walk, greeting guests calmly, reactivity, aggression towards people and other animals, puppy problems, and more! 
  • Unlimited lifetime support. You could be struggling with something the day after your lesson, no problem! Give us a call, or send over a video and we'll give ya tips to keep you on track until your next lesson. Or, your lessons may be done, but your dog may throw a curveball down the line and we're still here to help! Call, text, or email us anytime and we'll make time to answer your questions, talk through your concerns, and celebrate your wins! 
  • Lifetime access to our online DEV Client Community! In the community, we post training tips, host monthly Live Chats, and announce dates for our free monthly group practices! We also encourage you to post questions or videos of your practice too! If you have a question, others likely do too, so don't be shy!
    • Open invitations to our monthly Group Practices and Live Chats. We host free group practices where we can walk together, train together, and give our dogs exposure to other dogs in a safe environment with like minded owners who get it. 
    • Having a solid support system, not only from us, but from our other clients as well. Our folks have worked through the process just like you're about to do. Having folks to relate to and connect with when you're starting out is invaluable! 

On to your training options! 

No matter your location or budget, we have a program for you!

We offer In-Home Private Lessons, Virtual Coaching,
Board & Train, and our brand new Homeschool!

For Private Lessons, Homeschool and Board & Train, we are primarily serving Oakland County and Macomb County including, but not limited to, Rochester Hills, Auburn Hills, Rochester, Oakland Township, Lake Orion, Oxford, Clarkston, Waterford, Sterling Heights, Warren, Troy, Bloomfield Hills, Birmingham, Clawson and the surrounding areas. *Travel fee may apply*

Or if you were thinking about going the online courses route, click here for DEV Online!

In-Home Private Lessons

Private lessons are for us to teach you how to train your dog. 

We will identify your goals with your pup(s), tailor a dog training plan to reach those goals, and get to work! During the lessons, we'll work with you and your dog(s) so you can improve your skills. Then we'll give you homework to practice until the next lesson. 


Private lessons are for you if:

  • You're wanting in person help, but not so intensive that Homeschool or Board & Train are in order. 
  • You are driven, hands on, and want to do the majority of your pup's training. 
  • Your budget allows for one on one training time. 
  • Your dog's behavior "problems" are minor and you're confident in your ability to work through them. Some examples are stopping leash pulling, mild reactivity, jumping up on guests, stopping excessive barking, etc. 

Packages start at $750 or pay as you go starting at $100. 

Virtual Coaching

Virtual Coaching follows the same format as In-Home Private Lessons, but from afar! 
We can still help you meet your goals with your pup even if you are not a local! We will still set you and your dog up for success, coach you through exercises during your lesson time, answer any questions you have, and provide you with homework to continue your progress!

Virtual Coaching is for you if:

  • The Private Lessons reasons resonated with you but you are not a Detroit Metro local. 
  • You are immune compromised and can't risk being exposed to anything, but still want to grow your understanding of your canine companion.

Packages start at $750 or pay as you go starting at $100.

Board & Train

Board & Train is an excellent option for folks who want to jump start their training. 
Your dog will stay with us in our home to be fully immersed in our program. Just like the other programs, we tailor your dog's stay  and teach them the foundational skills they need to be successful in this crazy human world.

The Board & Train program includes: 

  • Your Consultation to set goals.
  • 3+ weeks of training with us in our home. The only two humans who will have access to your pup are Corey & I. Plus, we only take on one to two B&T pups at a time, so your dog will get ample one on one time every day! 
  • A Midway Session where we will chat through your pup's progress and help you set up your home so your pup re-acclimates quickly after their B&T is complete. 
  • Five private lessons post B&T at your home. 

Board & Train will be the ticket if: 

  • Your dog has moderate to severe behavior problems like intense reactivity, aggression towards people or other animals, etc.  
  • You need a reset. Sometimes taking a break from the day to day to take a breather is just what the doctor ordered. You can take the time to learn through the Basics Course and come back to hands on training refreshed.  
  • Your dog is the fearful or anxious sort. B&T is like sending a human kiddo to summer camp. It is a huge growth and confidence building experience! 
  • You plan to have your dog stay with us for touch up training at some point in the future. 

Packages start at $3,000

*NEW* DEV Homeschool!

Homeschool is a hybrid program that will give your dog quality time with us pros, but you'll still have them to come home to every night!

How Homeschool works: 

  • Start with a consultation to set goals.
  • Next, you watch through Week 1 of the Basics Course.
  • Then, we come to your home for your first private lesson. 
  • The following 3+ weeks: we train your dog at your home Tuesdays through Fridays and then end the week with a private lesson on Saturday.
  • The at-home sessions with your pup will include a combo of: a potty break, training session, play time, place time, loose leash walking practice, or an outing to a nearby park or dog friendly establishment. It all depends on where your dog is in the program. We always work at their pace!
  • After the 3 weeks, we finish up with one final private lesson to make sure you're on the right track! When the program is complete, we will always be around to help field questions, add on more lesson time, or even more home sessions!

Homeschool will be great for you if: 

  • You're on the go and need a bit more support to give your pup their best life. 
  • You want the benefits of board & train, but don't want to send your dog away. 
  • You're a brand new puppy parent who wants to set your baby dog up for success, but can't partake in traditional training options since your wee babe isn't fully vaccinated.

Packages start at $1,800

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